Get ready to experience the charm and vibrancy of Bear Lake like never before at the weekly Paris Community Market, hosted at the picturesque Memory Park. Starting in May and continuing until the end of October, this beloved event brings together farmers, rancher, crafters, artists, and businesses from across Bear Lake valley for a celebration of community, creativity, and local flavor. 

Every Wednesday, from 4 PM to 7 PM, Memory Park transforms into a bustling marketplace, teeming with an array of goods and goodies. This market is more than just a place to shop–it’s a gathering place where friends, neighbors, and visitors come together to connect, unwind, and celebrate the beauty of Bear Lake.

By supporting the Paris Community Market, you’re not just investing in quality goods and products–you’re investing in the vitality and sustainability of Bear Lake’s local economy. Every purchase you make directly supports the hardworking farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs who call this valley home, ensuring that Bear Lake remains a vibrant and thriving community for generations to come. 

So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and join us every Wednesday at Memory Park for a celebration of all things Bear Lake. From farm fresh produce to handmade crafts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Weekly Paris Community Market!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Utah-Idaho border lies the serene Bear Lake, a body of water renowned for its stunning beauty and tranquil ambiance. Yet, beneath its serene surface lies a tale as old as time itself – the legend of the Bear Lake Monster. Join me as we delve into the depths of this intriguing legend and unravel the mysteries that shroud the waters of Bear Lake. 

Legends of Old:

The legend of the Bear Lake Monster dates back to the mid-19th century. With the earliest recorded sightings reported by Native American tribes in the region. According to local folklore, the monster is said to be a massive serpent-like creature, with a body stretching up to 90 feet in length, adorned with glistening scales and possessing enormous strength. Lurking in the profound depths of Bear Lake, which is 208 feet deep!

Early Encounters:

Over the years, numerous sightings of the Bear Lake Monster have been reported by locals and visitors alike. Accounts vary, with description ranging from a serpentine creature gliding gracefully through the water to a hulking behemoth rising menacingly from the depths. Despite the inconsistencies in eyewitness testimonies, one thing remains constant- the sense of awe and fear that the legend evokes.

Modern Interpretations:

As with the legend, the tale of the Bear Lake Monster has sparked a myriad of theories and speculations. Some believe that the monster is merely a figment of overactive imaginations, fueled by superstition and folklore. Others posit that the creature could be a surviving remnant of prehistoric times. Bear Lake is thought to be over 250,000 years old! Yet amidst the skepticism one question lingers – could there be a kernel of truth hidden within the depths of the legend?

While skeptics may dismiss the legend as mere fantasy, there are those who remain open to the possibility of more mundane explanation. Some suggest that sighting the Bear Lake Monster could be attributed to misidentifications of known aquatic creatures, such as large fish or native species of snakes.

In concluding our exploration of the Bear Lake Monster legend, one thing becomes evident: the boundary between fact and fiction is often indistinct, shaped by time and human imagination. Whether the creature is a mythical creation or a real inhabitant of Bear Lake remains a matter of interpretation. Yet, therein lies the allure of the legend – it tantalizes with the promise of mystery and wonder, urging us to embrace the unknown. So when you gaze upon Bear Lake’s serene waters, remember the legend that lies beneath, inviting discovery and sparking curiosity.

As winter blankets the landscape with a soft layer of snow, Bear Lake transforms into a picturesque scene straight out of a storybook. Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, this stunning body of water takes on a serene beauty that captivates all who visit. While summer may be the prime time for fishing in many places, Bear Lake’s charm knows no season, offering anglers a unique and rewarding experience even in the colder months. As the lake’s surface freezes over, it creates a pristine winter fishing paradise for those willing to brave the chill. With its reputation for trophy-sized Mackinaw/Lake Trout and native Bonneville Cisco, Bear Lake promises an angling adventure like no other, against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. Pictured are our local friends that had a most successful February day on the water!

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice seeking adventure, Bear Lake’s icy depths hold the promise of trophy catches and unforgettable moments. Mackinaw/Lake Trout, known for their vibrant colors and feisty fights, abound in these waters, providing anglers with a thrilling challenge. And let’s not forget the elusive Bonneville Cisco, a native species found only in Bear Lake and renowned for its delicate flavor and rarity.

With its stunning blue waters and snow-capped mountain views, Bear Lake offers a truly unique fishing experience that captivates the senses and nourishes the soul. So, bundle up, grab your gear, and join us for a winter fishing adventure you’ll never forget in the breathtaking beauty of Bear Lake.

In the heart of Idaho and Utah lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by winter enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility amidst snowy landscapes. Snowy Bear Lake beckons a plethora of winter adventurers with its hidden gems and enchanting landscapes, offering a chance to escape the ordinary and embrace the bliss of the season. Whether you seek solitude in snowy forests, or simple joys in sledding through hillsides, this picturesque region promises unforgettable experiences for those willing to explore off the beaten path. So, pack your winter gear, follow the snow-covered trails, and let’s explore some of the lesser-known but equally captivating winter experiences this enchanting region has to offer. Click here to reach a list of many groomed trails and recreation spots in the Bear Lake area.

Experience the thrill of zooming through powdery trails and frozen landscapes on a snowmobile adventure. Snowy Bear Lake boasts vast expanses of groomed trails, perfect for exploring the winter wilderness on these high-powered machines. Rent a snowmobile and embark on guided tours to discover hidden gems and scenic viewpoints while feeling the rush of cold wind against your face. Once you become a more experienced rider, the opportunity to explore the hundreds of miles of groomed trails is an invitation to embrace the freedom of the winter wilderness. Where each path leads to new discoveries and unforgettable moments in the heart of Bear Lake’s snowy paradise.

For the adventurous souls seeking a truly immersive winter experience, camping amidst Bear Lake’s snow-covered wilderness is an unforgettable option. Pack your cold-weather gear and set up camp in designated areas or backcountry sites, where you can cozy up by a crackling fire and gaze at the star-studded sky above. With the soft glow of moonlight illuminating the snowy landscape. Winter camping offers a magical escape into the heart of nature.

Winter transforms the landscape into a haven for wildlife, offerings unique opportunities for observation and photography. Bundle up and venture into the wilderness, keeping an eye out for elusive creatures like elk, deer, and even the occasional moose. Quietly observe from a safe distance as they forage for food amidst the snowy terrain, capturing unforgettable moments of winter wildlife in their natural habitat.


Bear Lake’s tranquil beauty transforms into a snowy wonderland! Just when we thought the season would tiptoe by, Bear Lake erupted into a flurry of snow, painting a picture-perfect scene straight from a postcard. Enduring the harsh blizzards only make the snow days seem that much sweeter. Bear Lake is known to have some of the BEST winter activities to offer. From skiing Beaver Mountain, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, going sledding in Logan Canyon and so much more.

Beaver Mountain boasts a whopping 171” of pristine snow, meticulously groomed for your skiing and snowboarding pleasure. But the excitement doesn’t end when the sun sets! Experience the thrill of night snowboarding under the dazzling lights–a special occasion hosted by Beaver Mountain approximately once a week. Mark your calendars for the next Public Night on February 26th, with ticket sales kicking off on February 19th. Remember, tickets are exclusively available online one week prior to the event. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating opportunity!

If you prefer the tranquility of snowshoeing or the thrill of the sledding, look no further than Garden City for winter rentals of cross country skis, snow shoes, snow bikes and snowmobiles. Check out our previous blog post for recommendations on fantastic snowshoeing trails! For those eager to explore the snow-covered landscape on a snowmobile, reservations can be made through or

Embark on a thrilling adventure unlike any other as we delve into the adrenaline-pumping realm of skijoring. Taking place on February 23 & 24, Bear Lake’s annual Skijoring will be an event you wouldn’t want to miss! Bring your skis, come race, or watch the horses pull skiers through a ski course around gates and jumps. 

Friday will be a free for all from 11am-2pm, come try for yourself! The main event starts the next day on Saturday morning, don’t forget sign ups will only be 8:30am-9:30am. The races start at 10am, there are three different classes so everyone no matter their skill is encouraged to join in! Buckles and cash prizes will be presented to the division winners. Visit their website,, for a list of rules and regulations.


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